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Design, Configuration, Implementation & Monitoring

Our wireless networking services include designing, configuring, implementing, securing, and monitoring wireless networks. We are able to not only configure and set up wireless networks on site but can also trouble shoot if you encounter problems with your wireless networking system in the future. Wireless Networking will help to clean cabling problems in your office and allow the use of mobile devices on your network.

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Our Wireless Networking
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Advanced Wireless Networks

Advanced Wireless Networks

Many business owners feel that wireless networks can be complicated or expensive to set up and manage or difficult to secure. However, because of the recent advances in technology wireless networks can be an affordable and convenient solution for businesses.

All aspects of Wireless Networking

All aspects of Wireless Networking

With the wireless networking services from IT4SME, any business can benefit from the addition of a wireless network. Our wireless networking services can manage all of the aspect of networking from designing and implementing a network to monitoring, troubleshooting, and securing wireless networking systems for businesses.

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Reach the number of users you want

One of our main wireless networking services is wireless network set up. Our experienced IT professionals can design, implement, and configure wireless networks to meet nearly any businesses needs. Whether you need a large wireless network to cover a large office or building and to reach a number of users or you want simple wireless networking capabilities within your office, we can help. When designing and implementing your wireless networking system, we pay special attention to your needs including security concerns and network speed requirements

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PoE driven Access Points

We use access points which are PoE (Power Over Ethernet) driven meaning the power goes over the ethernet cable allowing for easy positioning from potential tampering: no more positioning the wireless access point next to an electrical socket with an on / off switch. Our access points can be wall or ceiling mounted and provide a seamless roaming environment meaning a user can roam around the building without losing a connection and without having to join different access points. It is one large network.

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Security & Support

Security, the Big Concern

Typically, one of the most common issues or concerns that businesses have when developing wireless networking systems is a question of security. Our wireless networking services include a number of security related services in order to ensure that networks are secure and protected. Your wireless network can be have a central monitoring system to see who is connected and which access points are more congested than others.

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Maintenance, Repair & Replacement

Maintenance, Repair & Replacement

As with all types of hardware, wireless networking hardware requires regular system maintenance and support in order to ensure that the network remains working properly. Support services including providing repair or replacement service to routers that fail, addressing issues when wireless connections are disrupted, and solving security issues.

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