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A new Stage of
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Third Platform

Third Platform

Enterprise networks are entering a new stage of transformation known as the Third Platform. This transformation is being driven by the convergence of recent technologies including mobility, Big Data, virtualization and the Cloud. The challenge for enterprises today is to choose the right path to network transformation while leveraging their legacy infrastructure, and ultimately provide a better network experience at a lower cost.

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Bring your Network into a Modernized State

IT4SME can help your business transform its network safely, effectively and quickly with our Network Infrastructure Services. We provide comprehensive services that cover every stage of transformation—from needs analysis to planning, design, installation, integration, deployment and training—to bring your network into a modernized state of operational excellence.

Digital transformation
We can help you tackle specific
IT initiatives


We have deep experience in migrating network services to virtualized environments in order to help you reduce costs, maximize hardware utilization, optimize network performance and simplify network management. We are proud to partner with VMware, Hyper-V and other technology partners to deliver best-of-breed solutions, designed and implemented by our highly qualified, vendor-certified IT professionals.


The rise in mobile devices and wireless technology has dramatically shifted the enterprise network focus from fixed, office-based services to mobile applications and connections. IT4SME can help enterprises plan, design and install mobile network solutions from Citrix, Symantec and other leading partners to meet the growing demand for mobile broadband services, wireless security, mobile-enhanced applications and more.

Software-Defined Networking

As enterprises look to build more scalability and flexibility into their networks, software-defined networking (SDN) has become the new watchword for the network of tomorrow. IT4SME can help you migrate your network to an SDN architecture using industry-leading solutions from Cisco, HP and other partners, leading to lower-cost networks that can adapt better to the changing IT Requiements of the future.

Cloud Platforms

As Cloud technology has matured, more enterprises are migrating to a hybrid Cloud model for business applications and IT operations. We can help enterprises assess their networks for Cloud migration opportunities, and then help configure and install Cloud-based solutions that provide the optimal mix of security, efficiency and performance.

Rollout & Migration
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Desktop - An Important Business Tool

Despite all of the attention given smartphones and tablets, the desktop is still where most of our work gets done. Employees spend an average of seven hours per day in front of their computers. In fact, the desktop computer is probably the single most important business tool your employees have, yet many desktops are outdated, overloaded or simply inefficient.any desktops are outdated, overloaded or simply inefficient.

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Upgrade your Desktop-based Environment

We can help your business increase its productivity by bringing your desktop environment into the 21st century. We offer a variety of services, from hardware and software upgrades to desktop virtualization. Our technical staff is certified and experienced with a variety of desktop platforms including HP, Dell, Apple and Lenovo. In addition, we can upgrade and maintain your desktop-based environment, from printers to portable storage devices.

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IT4SME will help you get more done from your desktop:

  • Desktop platform migrations including data migration, with no disruption
  • Roll out new operating systems and applications quickly and easily across your entire organization
  • Upgrade your hardware capabilities to increase storage, boost processing speed and take advantage of the latest security technology
  • Add new peripherals including printers, portable storage devices, Bluetooth headsets and much more
  • Virtualize your desktop environment to create a more seamless experience between desktops and mobile devices
Upgrade & Maintenance
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80% of IT Costs Occur After the Equipment installation

According to a study conducted by Gartner, 80% of IT costs occur after the equipment is purchased. Hardware maintenance and software upgrades consume much of that cost, as well as the time of IT departments.

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The best licensing deal for your business.

IT4SME can help you reduce those costs and get back more of your time with our Upgrade and Maintenance Services. Our software licensing specialists work with the industry’s leading software vendors-Adobe, Oracle, Microsoft, Symantec, VMware and many others—to find your business the best combination of price and performance. We’ll help you devise a software plan that identifies hidden costs, accounts for multiple devices, factors in future needs and formulates the best licensing deal for your business.

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Keep your day-to-day systems operational

Our maintenance and upgrade services are designed to keep your day-to-day systems operational without disruption, so you can move forward without ever having to take a step back.

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IT4SME protects your investments and your business with:

  • Business software upgrades and fixes
  • Operating systems upgrades, patches and fixes
  • Data center upgrades and expansions
  • Server and network maintenance for optimized performance
  • Data migrations from legacy to nect-generation devicess
  • Provisioning and policy updates
  • Contract Renewals: Life Cycle Management
Structured Cabling & Ethernet Wiring
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Ethernet is still one of the most common type of networks

While wireless networking is becoming increasingly popular for both small and large businesses, network cabling and Ethernet systems are still the most common types of computer networks that exist for businesses today. In general, network cabling connects computers and other systems on a network to the Internet, printers, and other services or hardware. In most businesses, network cables integrate voice, data, video, security, and sound systems and carry these services throughout an office or building. While the basics of network cabling can sound simple as cables simply connect one system to another, in order to ensure full bandwidth potential network cabling and Ethernet wiring systems need to be properly designed, installed, and administered.

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Reliable, Eco-Friendly and Scalable Solutions

We offer both structured network cabling design and network cabling installation services as well as network support and diagnostic services. Because our network cabling installers and partners are highly trained and experienced, you can be sure that your final network performs up to the top standards in order for you to keep you business running as usual. The solutions we provide are designed to be reliable, eco-friendly and scalable. Whether implementing a new network for a customer or improving your existing infrastructure, IT4SME safeguards your network and makes sure that it is functional and easy to manage while also being affordable to sustain.

Structured Cabling
Design & Installation
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A completely Cohesive Network

We do not just install hardware, software, and other network components within a network. Instead, we pay special attention to carefully integrating each component resulting in the creation of a network that is completely cohesive. With our IT HW & SW procurement services, we can determine which components to include in a network cabling project in order to optimize the speed and performance of you network. We take special care to keep your office organized and neat.

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A network that meets your changing business needs

We have experience building and designing networks for SME and SOHO clients and we are able to expertly design, build, and re-configure business grade networks with our network cabling services. We will work with your business closely when designing and installing network cabling in order to create a network that meets your changing business needs.

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Services offered with our network cabling design and installation services include:

  • Ethernet Cabling
  • Switch and Router Setup & Configuration
  • Hardware Installation
  • ASoftware Installation and Configuration
  • Wireless Networking Solutions
  • Server and Virtual Server Installation
Network Cabling
Support & Diagnostics
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We are able to fix a crash or speed up the network

In addition to designing and installing structured network cabling and Ethernet networks, our IT professionals can also offer a number of network cabling support services. These network cabling services can fix a crash or speed up a network that is not operating to its full potential. Our network cabling diagnostic services will determine the source of a problem and fix this problem as soon as possible in order to get your business back on track.

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Issues that may cause a network to crash or slow down include:

  • A Bad Internet Connection
  • Problems with File / Email / Application Servers
  • Server Programs
  • Failing Networking Components such as Routers, Switches, and Gateways
  • Network Cabling
  • Individual PCs or Laptops
Moves, Adds & Changes
Organization grow

Changes are inevitable in business

Change is inevitable in business as organizations grow, expand, and adapt to new market demands. Whether the changes involve moving staff or equipment, adding staff or device locations, technology deployments, or bandwidth increases, IT4SME can help with all your needs for moves, adds, and changes (MAC). This is true regardless of the need being for one location or many.

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We will work with you to orchestrate the MAC work

Our expert technicians will be deployed to your site(s) to move, upgrade, expand, or downsize any part of your voice and data networks. Our friendly and professional specialists will work with you to orchestrate the MAC work and ensure any network infrastructure services occurs on time, within budget, and in accordance with industry codes and standards.

MAC services

Examples of Moves, Adds, & Changes work:

  • Adding or removing a workstation, kiosk, or digital display
  • Adding or moving wireless access points
  • Change router/switch configurations
  • Technology deployment to upgrade system software
  • Reconfigure patch panels
  • Upgrade HSIA (high speed internet access) service
  • Adding or expanding a network cabinet
  • Recabling a network or upgrading to fiber optic cabling

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