Virtual CIO Services

Realizing return on your IT investment by aligning technology innovation with your business objectives

CIO Competencies
Short & Long term IT Strategy

Short & Long term IT Strategy

For businesses which cannot afford permanent senior IT personnel, IT4SME provides advisory services to clients on short and long term IT Strategy. Our team will work with your senior managers to bring your IT budget in line with your total cost. We will make you aware of potential problems and underline the risks to your business. We will use our expertise to provide you with industry standard solutions that cuts cost and reduces risk.

Business Objectives

Reach your Business Objectives

The IT4SME Virtual CIO will possess a technical background and be familiar with a broad range of IT platforms and technologies, but will be looking to apply technology solutions that will help you reach your business objectives. Get the benefit of having someone that brings years of experience operating in diverse IT environments to your business without having to pay for a full-time senior IT executive.

Of our vCIO
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Top Technoligists

With a Virtual CIO as part of your team, you have a guiding eye over your entire IT landscape. That extends beyond simply buying and implementing systems and software. It ensures that all your technologies are designed and configured to address the unique needs of your specific business.
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Comprehensive Analysis

Our Virtual CIOs perform comprehensive research and analysis for you. They can uncover the best equipment and applications for your needs and budget. Our services include creating a detailed plan for each project. We also look far beyond the current or even the next project, creating long-term strategic roadmaps to guide you through growth and transition.
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Invulnerable to Disaster

Let your Virtual CIOs design and build an unbreakable wall against calamity from both manmade and natural disaster. We can design your backup and restore architecture, help you determine how best to implement it (which can include a mix of on-premise, offsite and in the cloud solutions), and bring it all together to form your disaster recovery strategy.
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Tighten Ongoing Administration

Turn to us to help you get all your IT assets under your control. That includes ensuring your licenses are updated, and that you are using all of them. It extends to taking inventory of all your hardware, and ensuring warranties are tracked and up to date. It also reaches your mobile devices as well, ensuring that they are authorized and tracked continually.

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